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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Grieving God's Heart

"Take the opportunities I present to come and sit in My presence."

"Many are the hours My children find to keep busy avoiding the opportunities I arrange for a tryst with Me. I wait, longing for them to desire to move in close to Me, to hear My voice, to come and sit in My presence. Many wait until they have exhausted all other activities, then their thoughts turn to Me."

"I long to share with them My presence and love, to share goodness from My stored treasures. Too many are not interested and shun My invitation while riches untold, of every sort, await them upon entering in. Take the opportunities I present to come and sit in My presence. I make the way. Enter in. I am waiting to draw you close in order to share the love of My kingdom with you."

"Beware of distractions. Your enemy is subtle and deceptive and will rob you of time with Me at every chance. Discern his influence. Ask Me to help you stay on the straight and narrow path - to keep from turning to the right or the left as the enemy's tactics try to steer you off track. I love you. Desire My presence and friendship above all else." (10/30/2018)

Upon questioning Him about "riches untold", I asked to be shown those "marvelous things". In my mind's eye, I saw a white life preserver with a white rope attached. When I asked what was marvelous about it, I realized that it pulls people from the dangerous sea onto the shore of safety. I know it is a rich thing and marvelous in His eyes when a soul is rescued from sin and brought into the safety of His kingdom. Amazing!

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