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  • Stephanie Hanouw

I Have Your Back

"You are safe and secure under My wings."

"I see the plan of the enemy - always to kill, steal, or destroy. He intimidates and takes captive thereby rendering a vessel, a servant, of none effect. Resist the tactics of the enemy. He is My enemy and He attacks Me through My servants. Hang onto Me. The anchor holds. You are safe and secure under My wings. Trust My covering of you."

"I am the Lord, God Almighty. I never waiver. I and My words are resolute - absolute. Rest in that truth. Take up your shield of faith and stand against the assaults of the enemy. No weapon formed against My servants shall prosper. Take your stand against the enemy and after having done all, remain standing."

"I work all things together for your good. Do not fear. I see. I hear. I respond. Your Lord is the great I AM. Take My hand. Believe My word. Open up your eyes and see the response of your Lord. Do not be afraid. Take My hand. Believe." (09/16/2020)

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