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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Jesus Brushes Off the Dust of Failure

"Learning does not come without failures."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Happy is the man who puts his trust in Me. Over and over I command my people to trust Me. I am capable; I am willing to keep that which is committed to Me. Trust Me. I have proven faithful over and over again. You can not go wrong in trusting Me IF you do not waiver and fall prey to the enemy's lies right before you see your victory."

"Make it your goal to trust to the uttermost. Hang on to My hand. I will lead you to victory. Someone may falter and fail, but I am there to pick that one up, to encourage, to brush off the dust of failure and to walk with them on to a different victory."

"Learning does not come without failures. I don't define My children by their failures. Those are part of life, but I have come to redeem - not just once but every time it is necessary. Trust Me implicitly. I will see you through. I am your great God and King. I am more than able to handle anything that you bring before Me; because, with Me, nothing is impossible. Do you believe that? Do you REALLY believe it? Trust Me." (03/06/2019)

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