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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Jesus says, "You're Worth It"

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Your worth is determined by Me and only Me. I paid the price for you. No one else's opinion counts in the final analysis but Mine. You are priceless to Me. Your sin has been cast into My sea of forgetfulness. I never swirl My finger in the water to bring it back into view. It is gone forever - no remembrance - not now, not ever!"

"Enjoy the freedom of this truth. I paid the price for this freedom. I did it for you. Do not burden yourself with a load you were not meant to carry - whether it is a sin load already forgiven or a daily life load that I willingly bare. I have set you free! Enjoy that freedom!"

"No more weariness, no more being overwhelmed by circumstances. No more mental anguish over daily struggles. Let Me carry the load. You rejoice! You give thanks. You obey out of love for Me. You conquer. You enjoy the victories My love has won for you. Your victories come from Me working on your behalf."

"I give you the wisdom, the strength, the insight, the perseverance, the skill sets to be victorious in every challenge. Take the gifts of love that I have made available to you and enjoy the abundant life I have purchased for you by My sacrifice on that cross. I did it for you. You are Mine and I love you. I did it for you. Receive My goodness!" (02/15/2018)

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