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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Let God Be God

"Your life has purpose. The plan is Mine. The choice is Mine."

"In the light of what's coming, My Holy Spirit is your sustainer. He hoovers over and surrounds My own to protect and keep you in perfect peace. Embrace His presence and the help He offers. Nothing operates outside of My control. My purposes are accomplished even in chaos and tragedy. You must trust Me, your almighty God, who reigns over all His creation."

"Do not fret and worry. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I lead each of My children individually. Listen for My voice and obey. You have the potential to be a world-changer, a life-saver, IF you obey My commands and follow My lead."

"Your life has purpose. I may use you for one life's benefit or many. The plan is Mine; the choice is Mine. Do not fret. Simply trust and obey. My timing and methods are perfect. I will not fail to bring My purposes to pass. I am able. All the pieces fit together perfectly to bring the bigger picture into focus, to completion."

"Obey. Play your part confident in My leading as your Lord and King. I am ruler over My plans and purposes. Fall in line [align] with My purposes and trust Me, your Lord and Savior. I have spoken." (09/06/2021)

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