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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Mind-boggling Love Awaits You

This life is an adventure with Me.

Lord, what do You have to say to me this last day of 2018?

"Yes, I am faithful. You will always and forever find Me faithful. It is who I am. I AM - always and forever. No change. No turning from who I am. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. You can count on Me. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Take that to My heavenly bank and draw on it whenever you have the need. I will always be available and always be enough."

"I do not ever begrudge you coming to receive of My storehouse. It is ever available to you. You only need to ask. Don't let pride stop you from asking. Don't let unworthy feelings, misunderstandings, or what another may think of you stop you from asking! It is My great joy to meet your need, demand, or request."

"You are My child and I delight in giving to you. I desire to bring you joy. My joy brings you strength. Remember the importance of of joy! Embrace that which ushers joy into your being. Joy is My gift to you. Receive the joy I deliver to you. Make every effort to pursue My joy."

"Open your heart to life, to love, to steps of faith. This life is an adventure with Me. I have great things in store for you. Great things! It is My desire to draw you close, to tell you things of My heart. You must "want" to come, to draw close in order to receive. I have instructed you to come into My presence, to come with thanksgiving."

"Not everyone has been called as you have been, but they would like to be and would follow My directives to sustain that place of honor. Remember, 'I have called you out from among them' - the multitudes. Don't neglect so great a call. I love you, Child. I long to bestow upon you the assignment I have for you. At the time appointed, I will release it. Be ready. Spend time in My presence to assure your preparation is complete. (12/31/2018)

This is a powerful word which brings me humbly before the Lord and fills me with thanksgiving! The Lord is speaking to some of you reading this post the same things He is saying to me. Maybe it is the last day of a different year. Maybe it is the first day of a wonderful new change in your life. He is not a respecter of persons. Glean from the words spoken here and know that His love pours out abundantly on all His loved ones.

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