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  • Stephanie Hanouw

*Moments with Jesus

Holy Spirit Inspired!

Moments. In the moments, You are there and You care. You took upon yourself the cares of the world and brought peace to the hearts and souls of men. You are a God of love. Nothing escapes Your tender touch. You see it all. You make the impossible possible. You are love. You are light. You are the Great I Am that reduced Yourself to the likeness of those You love. You care. You see. You know. You offer Yourself as a help, as a solution to the cares of mankind. You want to carry our burdens. You want to make the crooked paths straight. You desire fellowship with Your children. You love us. You stand waiting for us to realize Your longing for our love in return. Fellowship. Fellowship is Your desire. Your desire as a creator is fellowship with Your creation - mankind. You proved Your great love by sending Your one and only son to bear the burden of our many sins against You. Unbelief. Unbelief robbed Your prized possession of fellowship with You. Unbelief still robs Your loved ones of the marvelous blessings You want to bestow upon us. We hear Your words. We read Your words, but we don't embrace Your words. Fear. Fear keeps us at arm's length from Your loving heart. Fear because we don't trust You. Fear because disappointment looms if the outcome of our trust isn't wrapped as we expect. Fear because the father of lies tantalizes our thoughts with "what ifs" and "if onlys". We listen to the deceiver and find it easier to believe his lies than Your truth. _______________________________________

Lord, how very much we need You - how very, very much! Come, Lord, rescue us from our good intentions. Open our blinded eyes. Open our deafened ears. We need Your help to walk in Your light and turn a deaf ear to the lies of the enemy. Help us, Lord. Lift us up out of the miry clay that is a result of our own efforts to run our own lives. We aren't good at it, Lord. We create great messes that always need Your intervention.


You wait. You wait until we realize our desperate need of Your wisdom, Your love, Your touch on our out-of-control circumstances. Then you smile. You hear our cries of desperation as You catch our tears of regret, pain, and remorse in Your bottle. You move. As You begin moving in Your great love on our behalf, our tears of pain and sorrow start to mingle with our tears of thankfulness. The resulting fragrance of that mix is a sweet aroma to You. We have seen You, once again, work wonderfully and we give You praise for our rescue. We have a renewed desire to draw near to You - our Rescuer, our Savior - and You smile. Now we come to You for fellowship not realizing the joy in Your heart to see us drawing near. _________________________________________

Teach us, Lord, that our relationship with You is a two way street. Teach us to understand that You, too, are blessed by our fellowship with You. It brings joy to you and a smile to Your face.

_________________________________________ Our moments with You bless us both. You invite us to come often to spend moments - time - with You. You meet us with great anticipation of opening our understanding of who You are so that we can better understand whose we are.

Believe. When we know our heavenly Father better, we are more able to discern the lies of the enemy. We can more easily turn to Your truth. As we turn, as we trust, we find it easier to believe. As we believe, we are not as fearful; therefore, we begin to draw closer. We relax our stiff-arm stance toward You when we become aware of You calling our name, inviting us to draw closer into Your presence.

Love. Your great love waits - waits with heavenly gifts at the ready. With delight, You plan for the moments, the many moments we choose to spend in Your presence. When we come, anytime we come, You always smile. (12/02/2017)

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