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  • Stephanie Hanouw

No Need to Fret and Worry!

"You will be delighted at the end product."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"My child, know that I am with you. I hold you in the palm of my hand. I make allowances and opportunities for you. You are a treasure to Me. I love you. I need you. I created you specifically and on purpose. I will bring that purpose to pass. Fretting over the timing will NOT produce a change - only weariness. Don't fret! My timing, training, and provision are perfectly orchestrated to give you a victorious outcome."

"Don't fret and worry. That is lack of trust in Me. It promotes doubt and fear which hinder My ability to move freely through you. It hinders your ability to hear and obey. Frustration is a sign of too much focus on self. It is not up to you to produce; it is up to you to listen for My voice, hear, then obey the directive whether it be active or passive. I may ask you to act and move on My behalf or to come and rest and recharge in My presence. The choice is Mine as your Lord and Master."

"Don't fret. Each act of obedience has its own merit. Don't fret. I am in control. Trust Me in this. I do not forget My servants. I send each one forth as I weave all things together for My glory. You can't see the finished work - yet. One day you will and you'll marvel at the unbelievably beautiful workmanship - every detail perfectly placed to bring out the majesty of my work! You will be delighted at the end product."

"Your part is to hear and obey. I have told you before so you will not fret. Listen and believe. I do beautiful work. Leave My work to me and you will see as you trust and obey that you have NO need to fret."

"Enjoy the journey through My working out of a marvelously, intricately created masterpiece. I do all things well. Leave the plans and the work to Me. I am able. Trust Me. I love you." (03/14/2018)

I stand amazed at the great love of God for His children! He is Love - tangible Love. What a kind and patient response to our humanity. I hope it thrills your heart like it does mind!

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