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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Overcoming a Cruddy Yesterday...

"Don't fret over the small, insignificant stuff."

"Oh, My Child, make haste to seize the day [this day]. The time is short and much work is yet to be done before My kingdom comes. The time is late. Make the best use of it as is possible. Take the time to make the little differences. They can have an immense impact."

"Don't fret over the small, insignificant stuff! Focus on what is eternal. No one knows the day or the hour when all opportunities will end - either because of great darkness (spiritually) or My return to call My people home (physically)."

"Work while you have the light. The harvest is ripe and ready. Do your part in bringing in the harvest. Be keenly aware of My leading and prompting. You have acknowledged that it's about Me, so keep that focus always in mind."

"Know My Word. Follow and obey that word. It is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet. It will always head you in the right direction. My personal input by My Holy Spirit will give you specifics and little details. Be quick to hear and obey. I have said before, 'Ask Me when you are not sure.'. Ask as many times as is necessary. I love you. I need you to fulfill your purpose. Only then will you be truly satisfied in this life. Go out in the power and the love of your Lord and Savior." (07/13/2018)

Yesterday was a day of contrasts - Godly vs unGodly responses. I wasn't feeling so good about the "less Godly" parts of my responses. I asked the Lord what He had to say to me from His heart. Isn't it marvelous how He doesn't major on the shortfall, but instead goes to the gold that sits in the ore. I am continually amazed by the grace He gives to His children.

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