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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Partnering With Your Mighty Lord

Even seemingly insignificant acts can make an eternal impact!

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Great and glorious are the thoughts and ways of your almighty, loving Lord. Great and glorious - past the ability of mankind to understand or figure out! Yet, He longs to give His servants and loved ones the opportunity to carry out His ways, in His name, in order to advance His Kingdom and Lordship upon this earth."

"Marvelous opportunities await those who draw near and learn of Him. Many are the ways He uses His own to draw those who are far away closer to His heart and His purposes. Yield your members to

your almighty God and see what wonders unfold."

"Trust and obedience work together to accomplish the purposes of your Lord. Choose to trust. Choose to obey even when you don't understand. Allow Me to work through you to My glory. Keep keenly aware of My presence all around you, at all times. You may not be aware of My plan, but staying close to Me, keeping a listening ear, and having a willingness to obey, will surely bring My purposes to pass."

''To partner with Me is a privilege. Delight in the opportunities to be part of My plan. In My word, even small, seemingly insignificant acts of those who loved Me were given eternal recognition. Do not despise the small opportunities. All of My ways are full of purpose and can change the destiny of a person, a city, and a nation. You do not see the whole picture."

"Know that I long for you to partner with Me - to bring My purposes to pass for you, personally, and for My kingdom. You make a difference. Go boldly, hand in hand with Me, bringing My will to pass by playing your part. Play it with bold confidence in Me and a humble, loving heart before mankind. (01/01/2019)

I received this message after feeling less than worthy of hearing anything from my Lord, let alone doing anything for Him. Since my feelings didn't line up with His previous encouraging words to me, I chose (and still choose) to go with His truth. What a difference turning from the lies of the enemy can make in ones life. What a loving Lord you and I get to partner with each day!

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