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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Pass It On

God's love and forgiveness are available to anyone and everyone!

What is it, Lord? What is on Your heart today?

"My child, My return is near - even at the door - and the people are not aware; they are not ready. Many will perish because of disinterest, cares of this world, and unbelief. I am a loving God and have made a way for the sinner to receive pardon. I offer freedom and an eternal place of bliss for those who will reach out to Me for the goodness I offer."

"Be not dismayed. Be not deceived. The promises of My word are true and established. My will is goodness towards man. You must receive My goodness and then pass on that goodness to another soul and another and another. Don't hold back. All of My resources are at your disposal. Tap into all the treasures I have made available to you. I stand at the door - knocking. Fear will keep many from opening the door to a stranger. Unbelief will hinder others. Still others will _______ . "

"You are My ambassador, a familiar face. You carry My message of love and forgiveness to those who are filled with fear and unbelief. Take the message and spread it far and wide. I will return with My reward in My hand, but it will be for a people ready and waiting for the arrival of their Savior and Lord. You must share the treasure I have placed within you. You are part of My plan. Step out. Trust Me to open the way. When you ask, I will answer! I am calling you into action this day. Take up your sword [the Word] and shield [of faith] and move forward with Me. Unafraid. Believing. I have spoken." (07/29/2022)

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23. 8. 2022

Stephanie, Excellent. Thank You.

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