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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Personally Tailored Love

"I tailor My love and interaction to each one."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Look up and see how the stars shine their lights to the glory of God. See how they tirelessly persevere throughout the ages. My Love is like that - persevering throughout the ages to all mankind. Even though some will never accept My offer of unending, undying love, others will see, accept, and rejoice with abandon."

"I'm pouring out great love upon the people's of the world and they don't realize the source of that outpouring. The people find many other things to attribute it to. Make sure you focus on the source of that love. Share the truth of it with others. Tell them the source - Almighty God - and tell them it is for them, personally."

"It isn't sent to the crowds but to each person individually. I'm calling each one individually into My love. Make sure they understand that My love is personal. I love each individual personally. I tailor My love and interaction to each one."

"They see Me as they need Me. Some see Me as Healer. Some see Me as Savior. Some see Me as Rescuer, some as Provider. Some see Me as a marvelous artist, but all see Me as love incarnate in these areas."

"Spread the word of My love to those who cross your path. A new assignment. Trust Me to lead you and inspire you to respond on My behalf in just the way each individual needs. I know. I know the hearts. I know the hurts. I know the way to reach each heart. Trust Me. Share the truth of My love and thereby help others to know Me and to enter into My kingdom."

"I have spoken. Rely on Me. I am faithful and I will lead you. You must trust Me. (05/31/2018)

Sometimes scary, but always thrilling, is stepping out in faith to approach someone as prompted by the Lord. Try taking that step of faith. He will be with you leading and guiding. Give His the reigns and let Him choose the path. Lord, don't let us miss the opportunities You arrange before us. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to obey.

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