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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Precious Child

Did you know that you are precious in your heavenly Father's sight?

"Oh, joyous day when you were born! What a desire I had for that day. You are My handiwork and you do not disappoint. You bring great joy to your Master Designer who created you for a purpose. As you lean into Me, child of Mine, I delight in your presence here by Me. I want to share My heart and give you strategies to prevail over those things that trouble you. Listen closely and you will hear."

"Don't doubt My love for you. Don't doubt My words to you. I am beside you to make your paths straight. Be aware of My nearness. I walk closely with you. See My hand reaching out and don't refuse My help. Grab hold. Grab My hand of help and all that it holds. Believe in My goodness - My willingness to help you. I desire for you to fulfill your destiny."

"My plans for you are perfect and I watch over them with care. You were planned from the dawn of time. You are Mine and I am ever with you and aware of your every need. I have planned wonderfully for you. I take joy in you - even at the mention of your name. Rejoice! You are My treasure - a pearl of great price. Move in close to Me and make My joy full. I love you." (09/14/2019)

Do you find it hard to believe? Do you recoil at the thought of Him seeing you as precious? I once thought that way, but He finally got through to me with the truth. He honestly, really loves His children - even with all our shortfall and do overs. Read more of the love messages herein and let Him convince you that you are the apple of His eye! It is truth.

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