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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Prepare for His Return

Are you ready for Jesus' return?

"The bells toll. The birds sing. The whole world rejoices. The Lord's return is near. He comes soon. Rejoice, Children! Your father's return is soon. Be ready to meet Him; be ready with happy hearts."

Lord, how are we to be ready?

"Make yourself ready to receive your Lord. Draw near - ever nearer. Walk in My ways. My word will guide your preparation. Know My word and follow the instructions you are given. I have told you the way. Read and respond. Ask when you are unsure. Do not allow the enemy to confuse your thoughts. Ask. Focus on Me. Follow My example."

"Love. Love is the key. Not warm and fuzzy as some think but committed and kind. Just be Jesus to those with whom you interact. Take the hand of the Lord and follow His lead. I am with you to lead and guide. Decide to trust My ability to prompt you well and clearly."

"Trust. I am Your Lord. You are My sheep. I keep careful watch over My flock. Some stray. Some listen and obey. I love and shepherd both. Choose to listen and obey. Life is less troublesome that way!"

"I love you, My child; My return is soon! Rejoice more. Draw nearer. Meet with Me daily. Don't neglect so wondrous an opportunity. I have much to share with you. Come and receive. Partake of My goodness and love." (07/11/2019)

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