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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Put Your Trust in Jesus

I am working all things together to suit My purposes."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Think ye not that the time of My visitation has come? But I linger for the benefit of those who will yet call on My name and align under My standard."

"Don't worry. I am in complete control. I see. I hear. I know. Nothing escapes My attention - not a sigh, a cry, a curse, or a blessing. Nothing escapes My gaze and watchful eye. Take heart. I have not forgotten My word. I am in complete control. I am working all things together to suit My purposes."

"Relax. Seek Me. Stick close to Me. I am your supply, your protection, and your strength. I am able. I am faithful. Trust Me. I have everything under control. My purposes will come to pass. My plan will come to pass - right on time."

"Look to Me. Keep Me ever in your gaze. I am your lifeline. Connect to Me. I am your help, your strong tower, your comforter when the cares of life seek to overwhelm you."

"You must trust Me. Trusting brings peace and quietness of soul. I offer these gifts; but, you don't trust Me. You don't receive the gifts I hold out, that I choose simply because of My love for you. Don't hesitate to grab hold of and receive what I extend to you. You don't trust Me enough. Trust more. Be more conscious of Me - your savior, healer, constant companion, friend, and traveling companion. I desire to keep you close, to impart My life flow to you. Receive with joy. I have marvelous things in store for you, but you must trust Me more!" (06/27/2017)

Where do you need to trust Jesus more? Choose a place to start today.

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