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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Redemption Within Trials

"I wait for My children to call upon Me."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"The richest relationships bloom in the fire of trials. They take on a deeper dynamic and bring out Godly attributes from the situation and the individuals involved. Experiencing pain to the ultimate brings great gain. Only in turning to Me do you see the necessity to pray through. Pray through til the way is clear - 'til you know you have heard from your Lord."

"I always hear the cries of My children, but they do not always hear Me respond. I always respond, but many are hard of hearing. They don't believe I care enough to enter into their trial and lead them through it like a good shepherd does."

"Do you believe I am with you in every trial? Do you believe My presence makes a difference? Believing is seeing in My kingdom. Seek to believe all that I have spoken in My word. It is for your instruction. Many do not hear My heart as you do, but whether you hear My word or read My word, therein I reveal My love for all My children. Find direction in My word. It will not fail you. When you believe - truly believe - you will see."

"When, in the beginning, I spoke My creation into being, I heard the cries of those I created. My love responded even then to those voices. I created a perfect place where relationship between Me and My children could grow and delight us both. Love. Joy. Peace. These are the hallmarks of My kingdom meant for the good of My creation."

"Sin brought separation between Me and the wonderful plan of fulfillment - of relationship - between Me and the man I created. But the marring of sin did not bring Me to scrap that which I had created for fellowship. I designed a plan to redeem that which I loved - mankind was worth saving. In that plan, I sent My son to pay the debt created by sin. Jesus paid the debt; then, face to face, heart to heart relationship with Me, your heavenly Father, was restored."

"I long to commune with My loved ones. Many don't realize or understand this about Me. I wait for My children to call upon Me so that I can show Myself willing, able, and delighted to take their hand and lead them through to victory in their circumstance. Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men. I delight in the goodness of My creation. Trust My heart. Take My hand. Walk with Me into the good that I have planned." (05/16/2019)

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