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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Relationship - It's Crucial!

Updated: May 22, 2020

"Get to know Me. Spend time with Me."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Many desire the King's favor but neglect to build relationship with Him. They know Him from afar but don't draw close to know His heart. He longs for fellowship with His people. He desires to make Himself known. In some cases, the calving hinds know Him better as provider, protector, and master then His children do."

"I long to know my people - to know My children, but they shut me out. I am low on their list of important things. Wake up! Time is short. It's running out. You need Me. Call upon Me in the day of trouble and see your mighty God meet your need."

"Learn from Me as I move in your life. I move in love, wanting and willing to direct you down the best way. Trust Me. Get to know Me. Spend time with Me. See that I am faithful. Come and see for yourself how much I love you. Don't neglect to connect with Me - daily. You will draw strength and wisdom from your time in My presence. Embrace My presence. Embrace My presence in your life." (04/18/2017)

Are you developing and keeping a close relationship with Jesus? Where do you need to make changes? Don't delay - start today! His return draws closer each day.

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