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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Release Your Burdens to Jesus

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Righteousness defines those who reach out to Me desiring to dwell in My presence. Peace, joy, love, and patience awaits those who come. I am always there to meet them. Always available. My righteous right hand reaches out to draw them close. My love abounds and overflows. It washes clean and refreshes the souls of My weary ones. It opens doors of opportunity as My children simply dwell in My presence, resting in My love, and trusting Me to move on their behalf."

"Too many of My righteous ones, My children, carry a load that is too heavy for them. They forget My command to 'rest in Me'. I carry the burden perfectly, wonderfully! The load assigned to you, My children, is light. Carry only that assigned by Me. You are quite able for I have already prepared you for it. Don't fret. Release the burdens to Me. I am able. Rest in Me. Trust Me. My love is sufficient for all things that concern you. Dwell in My presence. Keep your hand in Mine. I AM. Peace." (11/28/2017)

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