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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Shining and Reflecting God's Glory

We are God's ambassadors.

"The bells ring out calling forth the holy ones. 'Come out from hiding', says the Lord, 'Come forth and shine in the darkness. Be the light of My glory. Do not hide under the bushel. Stand forth and shine. Shine in righteousness and love. You are holy. The world needs to know. Shine forth the love and goodness of your almighty Lord. Shine. The world needs to see, to know. How can they know if My righteous ones do not shine? That is My command. Shine!'

'Reflect the glory of your Lord. Reflect the truth of His word. You are My ambassador. You move among the people to represent Me. Oh, that you would realize the importance of your presence in the darkness of this world. Stand out and shine! Bring hope to those who are lost in the darkness. Make the difference you were created to make. Reflect My glory!'

'People need to know that My love still reaches out: delivering, healing, supplying, comforting, loving, and forgiving. I am not distant and unreachable. I am the same God who loved and forgave the iniquities of My people Israel. I am the same God who made a way out of impossible troubles and gave second chances to those who chose the wrong way.'

'I delight to hear the cries for help and make a way of rescue for those who humble themselves and call upon Me. I hear and I move on their behalf. My love is sufficient to cover any need, in any situation. Tell the good news of My love. Shine the glory of My presence. I am available. My truth prevails. Shine forth My glory. Let the people know; let My children know that I am the same yesterday, today and forever! Shine for Me!'" (03/10/2020)

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