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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Stay Alert - Know His Word

Since it is the first day of 2022, I asked the Lord what He had for the people as we enter this new year.

"When the wind is from the East, you will know that I have begun to bring My plans to fruition. Mighty winds will blow up mighty waves of My movement upon the earth. It is NOT a time to fear but a time to rejoice for the Lord, your God, has begun His ultimate redemption plan and process. Many shall turn to your King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

"Many enemies of your Lord shall arise and make concerted efforts to thwart those who seek the salvation of the Lord. This is the time to move in very close to your Lord. My enemy, your enemy, will diligently try to sway you from the truth. His efforts to deceive will be very convincing. Keep tethered to your Lord and Savior. Know My voice; know My word. You will find these helpful when the enemy seeks to confuse you and draw you away. He will overcome many."

"I am your strong tower, your place of refuge, your secret place within My presence. Be aware of the enemy's lies. Even though they be sprinkled with truth, see [if and] how they align with My word. Pay attention to the details. Again, I warn you to know My voice; know My word. Know that the words of your Lord are faithful and true."

"It is not My desire for any to perish. I have presented the truth through My servants and My word. Each one must choose whom they will serve. My love beckons all who will to come and receive the benefits of My kingdom. This year will be a year of mighty moves of your God. You must carry out your part. Do not fear. Follow Me and fulfill your assignment. Your part, whether small or great, is significant in completing My kingdom plan. Be diligent to stay close to your Lord. I have spoken." (01/01/2022)

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