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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Make the most of the time and gifts I have given you.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Make the most of the time I give you. The time is short. Do not be afraid. Step up. Step out. Seize the day and the opportunities I lay before you."

"Keep listening for, heeding, and obeying My voice. It will be your stay in the times of trouble. You must trust Me. You are mine and I will not lead you astray. I am able to keep to the uttermost that which is committed to Me. You have said you are committed to Me; therefore, you must trust Me to fulfill My word."

"Make the most of the gifts I have given you. Exercise them and develop them. I will train you. Be careful to follow My example. I have much to show you, to teach you. Be bendable, flexible, and moldable. I will not destroy My servants, My tools. Use prepares them for each next time. Spiritual strength is being developed and refined."

"Trust Me. The work is Mine - to obey is yours. We are a team, you and I. Meet with Me often for the plans and strategies I am creating. More than ever, you will need to discern My voice from all the others. Oh, such marvels lay ahead of you if you will simply trust Me and grab hold of the opportunities I lay before you. You are mine and I am yours. Place your hand in mine and watch wonders unfold." (07/24/2018)

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