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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Glory of God's Word

All of God's words carry out His purposes.

"My glory fills the temple. My holiness rests upon all My works. I am Lord of all heaven and earth. My voice fills the earth with My purposes."

"My words manifest visually. My words are life and they are alive. They fill the earth with My glory. Holy is the Lord. Holy are the works of My hands. Rest before Me. Listen to the words I speak to you. Hide them in your heart. Take them to heart. Believe them. Use them. Live them."

"My words will strengthen you with might. Come before Me with thanksgiving and rejoicing for the glory of your holy God has risen upon you., Oh, rejoice at the wonders that await you. I am Lord of all and My trains fills the temple. Rejoice, for the Lord your God is on your side. He waits to impart to you the riches of His glory."

"Come with singing on your lips. Come without pretense. I wait and long to bless you. Come in close and sit, rest, near your Lord. Receive from His hand and heart the wonders He has for you. Walk in the reflection of My glory which has risen upon you. I have spoken." (03/02/2020)

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