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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Lord's Loving Ways

"Marvel not when I say I have good for you."

"Many are the ways I have to show My people My love and kindness. Many though, don't understand that My ways are different than the world's ways. They have an idea of the look of those ways born out of their own making; they don't trust My heart. They don't understand and realize I always act out of love for My children."

"Take heart. I love you. My motives are always birthed in love. Don't worry. Be happy. I have good in store for you, My Child. Trust Me. A time is coming when only those who know My name will see My goodness. Take heart."

"You know My name and you are known of Me. Good - I have good in store for you. Look up. See what the Lord has done. Marvel not that I say I have good for you. You are the apple of My eye. You bring a smile to My face."

"Never doubt My love. It is the anchor that holds. Resolute. Unmovable. Bring to Me your trials and tears. I am more than able to make all things work in tandem for good. Oh, the delights I have prepared for My beloved! Come to Me with joy, expecting marvelous and wonderful things. Do not set your hopes on specifics. Eye has not seen nor ear heard what I, your loving Lord, have prepared for you. Come and partake freely of all I have for you. Come. Expect. Receive." (09/19/2018)

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