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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Love That Covers All

"My love covers all your sins, trials, and tribulations!"

"I am love. My love covers all your sins, trials, and tribulations. My love waits - waits patiently. Time is only a problem for mankind. Abraham had trouble with time. He waited. He trusted; but the passage of time got the better of him and he began to create his own plan, different than mine."

"My love towards him did not falter or fail. I was not surprised or caught off guard. Mankind does not see as I see, so the waiting is hard. Were I to remove just a small portion of the veiled, spirit-realm activities, you would gain a better understanding; but, that knowledge is too high for you at this time. At My coming, you will see and understand the intricacy of My plans and ways. You must always keep in mind that My ways are not your ways, neither are your thoughts My thoughts."

"You need to remember that I am love. I am good. I am just. Trust Me with your most precious treasures. I, alone, understand their value to you and they are safe in My keeping. You must trust Me. I have your very best interests in mind. I am motivated by My love for you. I enjoy your company and I daily call you to communion with Me. Delight My heart and come to sit in My presence. Come to spend time learning of Me and My love for you."

"My love pours out on you in unlimited measure. Come and take your part of the bounty of My love. It will change you. It will challenge you. It will lift you into higher levels of intimacy with Me. Oh, children, hear the words of your Lord! Come to Me - I am love."

"I am the goal of your life. Lay your ways down and pick up mine. Walked yoked with Me. Learn My ways of love and life. Learn from Me. In My presence, pick up My mannerisms, My approach to people and their situations. Grow more and more like Me. I am love. Make Me Lord of all your situations, circumstances, and relationships. Walk with Me. Keep your focus on Me. I love you." (01/24/2019)

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