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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Right Way

Stay in God's way no matter the situation!

"Pick up the mantle of forgiveness and gentleness and place it upon your shoulders. Make haste to keep the peace that Jesus died to make available. Hold on to the many truths that He has given to mankind."

"His way is marvelous! Grab hold of that way, and do not let go no matter the situation. He is faithful and true. He knows the way, He planned the way, He is The Way. Make haste to find and walk in that way. It is the true way - the right way. Do not lose sight of that way."

"Holy is your Lord. Keep His way. He walks in that way with you. Hold the hand of your Lord. Keep in step with Him. He welcomes you into that way. Stay close to His side. He knows. He is able to keep that which is committed to Him. Trust His heart. He is love. His truth endures to all generations." (02/03/2020)

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