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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Through the Open Door

Don't fear. Trust. I am in complete control.

"There is a door that sits waiting for you with such beauty beyond its opening. You stand on this side and see only a very small part of the wonders that exist beyond what you can see from where you stand."

"You must enter in - walk through the open door. I am there. I am here. I will never leave nor forsake you. Take My hand and go with Me into the wonder and adventure which await you."

"Am I trustworthy? Have I ever failed you? You can not imagine big enough to even come close to the marvelous wonders that await you as you journey with the awareness of My very near presence. It is covering you. It is leading and guiding on paths you've never traveled before."

"Adventure awaits. Newness awaits. Uncertainty, too. Keep hold of My hand and you will always accomplish the mission I appoint to you. Don't fear. Trust. I am in complete control. I live big inside of you. Allow people to see Me in you. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. We will forge the waters of unbelief and rescue those drowning in their unbelief."

"You and I. We are a team. Take the risk. Take the step of faith that is needed to embrace the wonder and service that wait beyond that open door. I am here. I am there. Don't hesitate. Step forward confidently. I am with you. Take My hand and rejoice." (02/21/2018)

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