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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Trust God's Sovereign Plan

"You must trust your Lord and Savior."

"Wake up! The time is short. Only those who trust and believe will make the cut. Time is short. Don't delay to obey. You must trust your Lord and Savior. You will not understand. Your faith will be tested. Even more new things are coming and will disturb you."

"Do not fear. Your enemy will take advantage of your fear. Let faith in My sovereign plan prevail. Even though you don't understand what is taking place before you, have faith in the sovereignty of your Lord. I rule well. I rescue well. I have already won the victory! The outcome is certain. I have already received the crown. The enemy does not intend to concede. His obstinance is useless. He knows the outcome - that his efforts are futile; but he desires to take as many willing souls as possible with him to his ultimate destination - the eternal Lake of Fire. Hell."

"It is imperative that you remain close to your Lord and King. I will lose none of My own. I am your safe place, your strength, your help when the storm rages around you. Stay close to Me. I'm coming soon. Don't fear. Don't hold back. Step into the peace and joy of your Lord. I have spoken." (11/11/2021)

As I was moving on with my quiet time with the Lord, I felt there is more. So, I asked, "Is there more, Lord?"

"Make Me the center of all you do. I am your lifeline - the source of your life. I wait for you to come into My presence. I have love, joy, peace, and gifts to bestow upon you. Come and receive the treasures I generously give. These are bright spots in your days, little evidences of My love for you, but you must move in close to receive. Some are small treasures and are easily lost amidst the hustle and bustle of life happening around you."

"You need to purposely pull away from the noise of the world and enter the quiet, restful place of My presence. I call you to Myself, but My voice is lost in the din of the world. Pull away to My side. Oh, the wonders that await you there! You can't even imagine. It is My great desire to pour out My goodness upon you, but you must draw close! I wait with open arms and amazing love to welcome you." (11/11/2021)

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