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  • Stephanie Hanouw

We are a Blessing to the Lord!

It is God's delight when His children seek to know Him better.

"What a joy it is to see My children learn of Me. The deep things of My word enter into their hearts and bring them into a closer walk with Me. They see Me in a new light. They understand on a new level. They take My truth to heart and begin to walk in greater victory than ever before. They make My word a priority and find blessings therein."

"They come into My presence with singing and joyful hearts. They receive the strength that My joy imparts. They become more aware of the marvels inherent in their Savior's love. They can now bask in His goodness and the safety of His presence. It is a new day for those who seek out the deep truths of My word."

"They rejoice like one who finds rich treasures. A whole new world of possibilities opens up to them. They realize who I am and how I long to fellowship with them because of My great love for them. The heavy weights are lifted off, and they walk through their days and their troubles with a lighter, less burdened heart."

"The blessings of relationship with Me are beyond explanation in many who have learned more of Me and drawn ever closer. Come, children, come in close to your Lord. I wait with great joy for your entrance into My presence." (08/04/2020)

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