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  • Stephanie Hanouw

I AM Is In Charge

Updated: Mar 9

" I am in charge and you are mine."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"The men are charging. They are making loud noises with their feet. They are marching to battle. But the Lord is in charge. 'The battle is mine,' says the Lord. 'I set a man on high. I bring another low. I am in charge,' says the Lord. The battle is mine. I set one on high. I bring another low. I make the rules. I call the shots. I control the outcome. The battle is mine."

"Go forward unafraid. I am on watch. I see what's happening and I will bring a swift end to the enemy's plans. They will bow before the Lord Almighty who reigns in power and might. There is nothing I miss. I hear it all. I see it all. I am setting the stage for My show. I will be exalted and lifted on high. I will receive the glory. I am the Lord strong and mighty. Mighty in battle. Go forward unafraid. I am in charge and you are mine." (02/06/2017)

Are you worried? Don't waste energy there. We have no control. He controls everything!

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