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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Whose Plan Are You Following?

Trust God to be God!

"Write on the tables/tablet of your heart, 'The Lord's words are true. His promises hold fast.' Trust Him. He is faithful. Don't look to the right or to the left. Keep your focus on the Holy One of Heaven. He alone is able to see you through."

"Man's ways can not accomplish the Lord's plans. Your mighty God brings His plans to pass. Keep in step with the Lord's way. It is perfect though you may not understand it. He who planned the universe is directing your life and the things around it. Trust your Lord."

"Make haste for the time is quickly approaching when no man can work. Hang on tightly to your Lord. He it is that sustains and keeps you. Hold tightly to your Lord. Let the peace of Christ keep your heart and mind in perfect peace. He will not leave your nor forsake you. You are safe under the cover of My wings. Trust in your Lord. I am able to keep that committed to Me." (09/19/2021)

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