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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Wonders Await You!

"The veil will be lifted and wonders will appear."

"Oh the wonder and the joy I have prepared for those who love Me. Marvelous wonders beyond what even the most talented thinker can imagine. A world of wonders prepared for My children. You have no way to conceive of those things I have in store for you! Nothing on earth can compare."

" 'When will we see?' you ask."

"My return is soon, and soon you will see the awesome things of My kingdom. Are you ready? Are you prepared for My return? What has held you back? Let go of all resentment, pride, envy, and anger. Your Lord is a God of love and forgiveness. Any resentment, pride, envy, and anger will steal away the wonders I have for you. Many desire to see but are blinded by these things. Let them go. Follow My example - forgive and love. Then you will see those things that only your spirit knows to exist in your heavenly home."

"I come soon, sooner than most expect. My people understand physical death as a fact of life, but physical transformation is a new thing - a God-thing. Soon you shall know as you are known. Upon My return for My children, the veil will be lifted and the wonders will appear vibrant and real! No more need to wait and expect. The race is won. The life has come. Your Lord of Lords has come to His kingdom to rule and reign in power, love, and might. The wait is over. Lift up your heads, oh you gates, and be lifted up you everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall enter in. I will see you soon. Be ready. I have spoken. Amen." (Blessed New Year - January 1, 2023)

So much is yet to be accomplished in the Kingdom of God. We are called to make a difference - to apply our purpose in this life to His goals. The time of Jesus' return is so very near. He needs each and every one of us to use our gifts and talents to partner with Him as He seeks to rescue the lost. There is a certain joy that only comes as we understand the significant part we are to play in God's vast eternal plan. What is He calling you to today? Trust and obey!

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