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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Part in the Orchestra

Many intricate parts need to come together perfectly!

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Holy. Holy. Holy is the Lord, God almighty. Early you rise to meet with Me, to hear My words, to hear My heart. I welcome you with open arms, arms filled with love offered to all who will receive. Make Me the beginning of your day. Keep aware of My presence as you move throughout this day."

"I bring joy and life to those things you put your hands to. I bless and bring eternal value to your efforts. Keep your ear attuned to My voice throughout the day. Our time together will yield marvelous results of eternal value."

"Take heed to listen well and follow well. I have plans that you know not of. We have a mission to accomplish. You can't know all the intricate parts that need to come together perfectly. It is like a well written score for an orchestra of many, many instruments. A beautiful sound results when each instrument plays its part as the score directs. Many are drawn to its sound of beauty."

"So it is with you when you follow the lead I give you. Many are drawn in and blessed. Many lives draw near of their own accord and are changed. I have spoken it." (05/18/2020)

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