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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Supernatural Lifeline

"Reach out and grab hold!"

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Make every effort to pursue nearness to Me. I am your lifeline. Stay connected to Me. Keep all distractions away from this one purpose: to stay close and connected to Me, your Lifeline."

"I supply. I rescue. I inform and teach you . I am the source of all you need. Think of it. Think of your need and the supply is there. Look for it! Expect it! I supply all your needs in Christ Jesus. Reach out and grab hold of that supply. Often it lays before you, but you are remiss to reach out and take what I set before you. It is an act of faith on your part - reaching out - trusting that when your hand is extended My supply will meet it. You must reach out!"

"Knowing I supply and not reaching for it is unbelief, and unbelief for My children is sin. I will not fail you. You must believe that. Guard your mind against all thoughts of My insufficiency to meet any need that you have. I am able and willing. Your enemy plants weeds of unbelief in your heart. Pull them out at the very first notice, or their roots will grow deep and entangled and will be nearly impossible to totally root out."

"Guard your heart. Check daily for weeds and hardened places. Till the soil. Keep it fine and moist for continued growth and the best yield. New seeds are planted daily. The cycle remains: plant [sow], be patient, nurture, be patient, harvest, then repeat! Keep a heart of fertile ground for the hand of God to plant His purposes therein. He tends lovingly to all that is committed to Him."

"Make every effort to commit and stay close. Your enemy will try every angle to inch you away. Be aware. Stay close to Me. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life-line. Keep close to Me." (04/20/2018)

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