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  • Stephanie Hanouw

A Personal, Loving God

He longs for a close, personal relationship with His children - with you.

"Meet with your Lord; make the time; make the effort. Make room for the presence of your holy Lord. My heart longs to commune with My children, to pull them into an intimate place in My heart. As a father draws his child close into a warm embrace, so too, do I long to draw you near into a warm embrace - to show you My love and My favor."

"Many do not believe I am a personal, loving God who desires a personal, intimate relationship with My children. They see Me as distant and uninvolved - impersonal. They have not understood or accepted the truth of My word. My heart's desire is a personal relationship with each one who acknowledges Me and My Son, Jesus. The price to make that personal relationship possible was born out of great love and was extremely costly."

"Receive all the love and fellowship that I offer you. Let others know that I am a God of love and justice. Righteousness surrounds Me. I am love. I am all you need to find satisfaction in the world, in your life. Turn to Me. Don't leave Me out. Don't shove Me to the side. I am for you not against you. Come. Fellowship with your Heavenly Father. I always wait with open arms. Your enemy would have you believe otherwise. I am the God of love. Come and receive. I have spoken." (08/12/2021)

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