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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Abiding by God's Good Plan

Living outside of God's plan doesn't fit well or feel good.

"Open up your eyes and see that the Lord is good! His mercy endures from generation to generation to generation. Great is His love for His children. He goes before and makes a way in the many wilderness paths His children trod. They choose their own way believing their choices are best. They don't realize I lead in love."

"Oh, that My children would truly trust Me. I have fashioned them for a purpose. When they try to function outside of that purpose, the fit isn't good. It's uncomfortable and peace is hard to find because of the irritants of an imperfect fit. I am here to help and support you. Ask. Expect an answer."

"Keep your spiritual ears and eyes open. Your enemy would love to distract you from receiving My guidance. Know that My guidance comes with confirmation. Spend time meeting with Me and getting to know Me. The more you draw near to Me the more you will understand My ways. Draw near. Make it a priority. Keep tryst with Me. I love you."

"I have proven My love in a multitude of ways. Don't be deceived. I am faithful. I am love. I go before My children and prepare the way. Not always will the way be smooth and free of obstacles. My plans are perfect to accomplish My aims. You. Must. Trust. Me. I love you. I go before you and prepare the way. Go the way I direct you. It is the best way. When you are not sure, ask. I am for you. I will guide you with My eye. Take heed to follow and obey. Stay on the path with Me." (04/25/2019)

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