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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Beauty Surrounds

"Fill your whole being..."

"Open up your eyes and see the beauty surrounding you. Not only the beauty of nature in all her splendor, but see the beauty of love, of faithfulness, of kindness. Search to see, if you must. It is there before you, but you must have eyes to see. Do not place your focus on the dark parts of life. The dark will steal the joy of beauty from you."

"Beauty surrounds your Lord. Light, love, and joy surround Me. Draw near to Me and fill your whole being with the light, love, and joy that is your God. I dispel the darkness where hope and life are drowned out."

"Come into My presence and stay a while. I long to bless you. Draw near to your Heavenly Father and see the difference awaiting you here. I love you. Come. I have spoken." (03/25/2024)

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