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  • Stephanie Hanouw

All Your Needs

Your God has the fulfillment for all your needs.

What do You want to say, Lord? You always want to communicate with Your people.

"Holiness is of Your Lord. Look to Me for all you need. The rich. The poor. Anyone and everyone must look to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for the things they need. Only a mighty God can fulfill the righteousness needed by every soul. Come humbly unto your God for the fulfillment of ALL your needs."

"I wait to pour out blessing upon blessing to those who love Me and who follow the ways of their Lord. What do you need? Where do you fall short of a need in your life? Is it spiritual? Physical? Mental? Emotional? Call upon the love and mercy of your Lord. Listen for His response. Trust Him to make His leading clear and timely."

"Do not entertain an evil heart of unbelief. Your Lord hears. Your Lord cares for you. Do you believe that? Do not entertain an evil heart of unbelief. It is a snare of your enemy. I am a good Father who lovingly cares for His children. You do not need to beg. Ask. Trust. Believe. Reach out to your Heavenly Father who longs to give good, do good to His own. Reach out and receive. I love you. (11/07/2023)

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