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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Always More

"There is nothing I hold back..."

"I will always love you, My Child. Hide yourself in My love, far from the maddening crowd. Find your peace and your purpose in My love. Make Me your delight. Make Me your focus. Live full on in the power of My love for you."

"My arms are open wide to receive you into My presence - to pour out My goodness upon you. I wait for your coming with great longing to bless you. Come and receive. Come into the presence of your Holy Lord and bask in the goodness I hold in store for you. I have spoken."

Do you have more to say, Lord?

I am your All In All. There is nothing that I hold back from you as you come to Me in faith, believing. My goodness knows no bounds. Take hold of all that I have for you. You will find it impossible to contain it all. I always offer more than enough."

"My stores are full. There is no shortage in My kingdom. My blessing can never end - the flow is endless when you come to receive. There is always more, always enough no matter the draw on My goodness."

"Are you drawing forth all the goodness I have for you? As you draw out and give away, more is added. Only your failure to give stops the flow because there is no room to add more. Your Heavenly Father is a generous giver. Follow the esxample I have given you. You have nothing to lose. Move, give, and live in my love. There is always more. I love you." (05/07/2024)

This message of the Lord reminds me of Revelation 22:17 "... whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely". If we can wrap our minds around the truth of that word, it should revolutionize our lives! Imagine drinking from the fountain of endless flow. What a marvelous Heavenly Father we have!

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