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  • Stephanie Hanouw

An Invitation to Serve!

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Being My servant is a privilege. Not all are called to servant-hood. A select few throughout time have been summoned. It is a special assignment given to those who know My name and seek My face."

"I have called you to servant-hood. I have equipped you for the assignment. All the talents, all the provisions, all the personality traits you possess are there for a purpose - the successful fulfilling of My will."

"You have all you need. I trust you with the assignments I give. You must trust Me to manage all the aspects with excellence. Some things you will not understand. Don't fret. Trust! You are a tool in the skilled hand of the ultimate creator. You must hear and obey. Obedience will bring the desired results at My desired time. Count it all joy to serve. Don't fear. Don't hold back. Step out in full assurance of My keeping and managing power."

'Keep connected to Me. Communicate. Pray. Ask. Listen. Hear. Trust and obey. Make haste to obey when you hear. Timing is significant."

"Serve Me with gladness. Serve Me with confidence. I will not leave you alone to accomplish assignments I appoint. I provide the help, knowledge, and resources you need. I provide the encouragement you need. Expect it. Look for it. Keep connected with Me. Commune with Me. I love you. I delight to use you and to partner with you in order to see My will carried out - every jot, every tittle, every iota. Rejoice that you have been chosen. It is an honor, indeed. I love you." (12/28/2017)

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