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  • Stephanie Hanouw

At The Center...

"Make Me the center of all you do."

"Make Me the center of all you do. No matter how significant or insignificant you consider the deed to be, make Me the center. Why would you waste your time and effort on that which will pass away? My plans are full of purpose. Nothing is lost, because I am at the center. Love, peace, and joy permeate each deed bringing My good plans and purposes to fruition."

"Do you know the thrill of My guidance and then My blessing upon your efforts? I wait to give. I delight to give. How much more worthwhile will be your efforts [when] spent living each day according to My orchestration. You will experince the joy of accomplishment - of success. Make Me the center of all you do and experience the difference it will make."

"I love you. Snuggle up to My side. As you do, you will carry the fragrance of My presence with you. Then you will find Me at the center of all you do. I deeply long for your success. As you journey with Me through this life, I am with you always. Draw near. I love you, Child." (02/09/2024)

Praise the Lord! I have to testify that I benefited from the blessing of paragraph two this very morning! I was able to flow with His orchestration of a meeting and afterward, I stood amazed. I did experience the joy of accomplishment - even though I KNOW that it was His doing. It truly did make a difference with Him at the center. I am repeatedly thankful for His moving on my and on behalf of all His children, because He longs for our success. Thank You, Lord, again!

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