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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Just Let Me

"Rest in Me, My plan, and My love for you."

"Just let Me be Lord of you life, times, thoughts."



I thought I was trusting.

"Relax. Rest. Let Me be Lord. I love you."

"The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof. The earth submits to My lordship with no will of its own. It inherantly knows what's right and peaceful, but does react when things aren't aligning with how I created it."

"When you are in conflict and upheaval, out of peace, conflicted, you are reacting to something that is wrong - out of alignment with how you were created. The solution is to trust in My lordship. Come to Me for direction, understanding, help. I hold all the answers in My hand. I am Lord. Am I your Lord?"

"Rest in Me, My plan, and My love for you. You are Mine. Connecting with Me will bring peace into your chaotic circumstances. I AM Lord. I AM on your side. I AM Alpha and Omega. I AM in control. Trust Me and trust more. My plans will prevail. Be satisfied with that!" (04/23/2024)

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