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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Beware! Fear Steals Your Faith

Act when prompted by the Lord.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Why do you wait? Why do you wait? Why do you wait and not do what I say? Do you not trust Me? I've given you directions and you haven't acted upon those directions. You must trust Me. Move out even when fear screams warnings."

"The undoing of faith is fear. Do not fear! Trust and obey Me. If and when you are not sure, ask Me. I never withhold the answer to a sincere question. I respond."

"Do you listen and watch expecting My answer? Sometimes it is instantaneous; sometimes you must follow the promptings I give to get the answer. Aways, along any avenue you take, it requires a step of faith which may sometimes seem like a leap. It requires you to take action. You must act when I give the word. At that point, do not wait. Trust Me and follow My lead."

"Many of you have been aware of My directives, My promptings, but fear has locked you in place. Use My name and the authority of that name to break free from the fear that holds you captive. Replace it with faith. Use My words and My name to gain the victory over fear. Then move out in obedience into that which I have called you. (06/26/2018)

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