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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Boundless Love

Bask in the marvelous, tender warmth of My love.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

" My love pours out in multiplied measure. I don't hold back love from My children. My love overflows to each individual child and each individual must receive it from My hand. I hold back no good thing from the lives of My children. Goodness is My mark. I am not a hard task master. Remember, I left the ninety-nine to seek for the one. Never fear. Don't despair."

"The flow of My love is never ending. Can you grasp that good news? What if every child of Mine would grasp that truth? No more murders. No more divorces among My children. They would know their worth and the worth of others. Take to heart the truth of My boundless love. The price paid for that limitless love and goodness was worth the life given."

"Receive My love. Help others to receive My love. I long to shower you with love and blessings - to soak My loved ones to the bone! Don't run from My love. Reach out and receive it from My heart, from My hand. Come, Child, bask in the marvelous, tender warmth of My love. I long for you to wrap up in My love and presence."

"Come. Receive. Pass it on; it isn't for hoarding. Freely you have received, freely give. Make a purposeful effort to soak Me into your innermost being. Feel the strength. Feel the peace. Feel the satisfaction of being known and acknowledged by your Creator. The works of My hands are precious to Me. You are precious to Me. Come and snuggle in close to Me. I welcome you with open arms."

"I look forward to your company. You are My precious possession. Come and dine at My table, worship Me in My courts, and receive the delights I have prepared for you from My store of treasures reserved for those who long to draw even closer to Me. I love you. Come. I invite you to come as you are and dine with Me. I am anxious for you to come." (04/11/2018)

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