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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Boundless Love

If we actually knew the depth of God's love, we would never question and doubt Him.

"Oh, the mighty love of your holy God! It washes white as snow. It rains down like gentle showers on lives dried up from life's burdens. Take up the balm of Gilead and receive healing for your soul. Make a salve and apply it abundantly to those places wounded by life."

"The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is still on His throne entering into the affairs of men. Acknowledge His presence and rejoice. I have come that you may have life in abundance. Take My hand when the going gets touch. My love will see you through. When you are with Me, hope abounds."

"Am I Lord of your life? Do you trust Me to work wondrously on your behalf? I always have your best interests in mind. But remember, My ways are higher than your ways. You may not understand, but you must trust to the uttermost. My goodness is your great reward. I only and always desire to do you good. Trust Me."

"I am able and willing to keep that committed to Me. In the world you will have trouble and tribulation, but I have overcome the world! You will see. Trusting Me totally is your path to peace and victory. Trust and obey. It is not just the best way but the only way. Don't fret. Trust. All things will fall into their correct places at the right times. Healing falls into place as well."

"Oh, My child, if you only knew the depth of My love for you, you would never question nor doubt. Great is My love for you. The love of a good God is yours. Receive it with joy and enthusiasm. Drink it in! Wear it as a cloak. Enjoy its beauty as it reflects the glory of your Father. Under His wings is a safe shelter. Partake of His goodness and love. He delights in doing good to His children. Receive His goodness and rejoice!" (09/12/2019)

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