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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Chosen Vessel

Be the vessel for which the Lord has fashioned you.

The Lord: "I desire to use you to proclaim my goodness to the multitudes telling them of My great love and forgiveness. Be a light, My light, shining in the darkness."

Me: What do I have to give?

The Lord: "Nothing! The giving is mine. You are the vessel carrying My message. Be that vessel. Trust in My use of My vessel. I handle My possessions with loving care and expertise. I fill them knowingly and wisely according to the need based on the occasion. I know what needs to flow from the vessel in each case. Simply serve. I am using you."

Me: Your will, Lord, Your way. Amen. Here am I. (06/30/2019)

It had been a hard day. I was enjoying a robust pity party. I needed a boost of encouragement. Have you been there? Isn't it amazing how He cares enough to pick us up from our self-created, poor-me parties and take us into His loving arms? He'll do it for you, for any of His children!

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