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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Declaration of Praise and Truth!

Blessed and inspired!*

Holy is my gracious Lord! He is worthy to be praised and adored. Open up your heart and receive the sunshine of His glorious, ever-flowing love. Keep the channels of communication open. Hear His voice. Embrace His words. Take heart in the most challenging of circumstances. He is near - ever ready to respond to calls for help.

Do call. Do receive. Do obey. Do walk in the victory He brings. It may look different than you expect. Don't discard an answer you don't recognize. Trust the goodness and love of your Lord. He is for you. His way is perfect. His delight is to bless His children with good things.

Stay close to our wonderful Lord. He longs to lead, bless, and give His children the victory every time. Trust and obey the one who loves you perfectly! Amen. Keep believing. Keep trusting. See the salvation which our marvelous Lord has for you! (04/21/2020)

*Sometimes, one just realizes how good God is and how wonderfully He has moved in one's life. At that point, it is close to impossible to keep silent. This is another one of those times. Inspired by the presence of the Holy Spirit, I have declared my thankful heart. Have you taken time to share your thankful heart with the One who loves you beyond what words can describe? Why don't you stop right now and just proclaim His great goodness to you? You'll make Him smile!

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