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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Do You Believe?

"My love is always reaching out to impart goodness...!"

"Open up the Book and see My words. They are truths meant to lead you in your daily walk along the paths I have called you to.

Do you believe what you read?

Do you believe I am able to carry out the promises I have made?

Do you believe, or are you full of doubt and unbelief?"

"I am an omniscient, almighty, all-powerful God who desires good things for His children - His followers.

Do you believe that?

A good father delights in giving good gifts to His loved ones. They [loved ones] are the apple of my eye.

Do you believe that?"

"Walk in a way that accepts the goodness I provide for My children. My love is always reaching out to impart goodness to My loved ones. Bless My heart by believing My words, My motives, and My intentions. I am a faithful, loving Heavenly Father who delights in those who believe and love Me. Make it your aim to walk in faith, believing My love for you. I have spoken. Believe." (07/07/2023)

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