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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Don't Give Up!

"Your current assignment is to trust and obey."

"Open up. Open up your heart. Open up your eyes. Open up your thinking to the possibilities that I have waiting for You. Do NOT give up! Do not close doors. Do not hang up the equipment as though it will not be used again. Am I not the Lord? Do I not have the last say? Have I not told you I am planning to use you? Do not fret. My words are true. Trust and make ready. Draw near to Me."

"Be ever mindful of My desire to make all things work together for your good. My ways are perfect. Your assignment right now is to trust and obey. Do not be swayed by man's acknowledgement or lack thereof. Pay no mind to man's response. Hear Me and obey. Draw near - nearer."

"I am ready and eager to make My grace abound in your life. Be sure to pass that grace on. Some hurting, needy soul longs for grace to be bestowed upon a weary heart. Shower it freely. Keep keenly aware of the opportunities I have set before you. They may look different than you expect. I alone orchestrate the plans I want to accomplish through the gifts and talents I have created within you."

"Don't hesitate to step out, to be open to the promptings I give. Great and mighty accomplishments await those who trust and obey. Take My hand and I will help you. I will lead you in the way you should go, but you must trust and obey. Hear Me. I have spoken. I love you. (07/20/2019)

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