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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Eyes to See

Look closely at the small details.

"Beauty exists in the twilight of the hour. There is beauty all around. Flowers. Trees. Clouds in the sky. They display My creative ways. Can you experience the awe of My creation as you look closely at the smallest details? Ask for eyes to see. Don't be so busy and hurried that you miss the wonders of My unique designs."

"My creation of man is just as unique as any flower, leaf, or starry sky. Do you see the beauty of humankind? Do you marvel at My creativity of unique traits and personalities? Mankind is My prized accomplishment made in the image of My son."

"Rejoice in the wonder of man's salvation. Redeemed from the curse. It is offered to each and every individual. Such beauty awaits each one who receives My invitation. I bid each to come. It is a choice. Some choose not to come - not to see the beauty of kingdom life. They place their trust in the temporary things of this world. They miss the true joy and bliss of My presence. Let it not be said of you. Enter in. Open your eyes to the beauty before you. Rejoice! In My presence is fullness of joy." (05/21/2024)

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