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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Follow My Lead

"Allow your faith to soar to new heights."

"Many are the ways of the righteous ones in their attempts to follow Me, but you must follow MY lead. I have planned your way and it is a good way suited to the purposes to which I have called you. Many times My loved ones are tempted to strike out on their own on a path I have not ordained. Follow Me."

"The way is already set in motion. All things will fit together perfectly: the people, the places, the timing. You recently saw an example of My work. Did you orchestrate any of those connections? Could you have done so if you tried? It takes a God to bring all the intricate pieces together in perfect timing."

"I am able. All things consist and are held together by My wisdom and power. I am able to work the impossible into a marvelous reality. Only a God can do that! I delight to reward your faith with tangible results. Allow your faith to soar to new heights. Watch what your almighty God can do with a faith that soars and believes for the impossible to suddenly become possible."

"Take up your sword and your shield and go forward, unafraid, along the path I have ordained for you. marvelous things await you. Believe and choose to love. I have spoken." (08/25/2021)

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